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Strandperle: Staycation an der Elbe in Hamburg
Staycation in Hamburg: Where I go on vacation in my home town

You can't travel all the time... You don't have to. At least not if you live in Hamburg. To satisfy your wanderlust a subway ride or a few minutes by bike is usually enough. A "staycation" in Hamburg is a…

Streetart Hamburg: Graffiti Hamburg Frau Elbville Hamburg Companion St Pauli Sternschanze
Urban Streetart in Hamburg: Favorite Art Pieces out of the Spray Can

Hamburg's best art exhibitions can be found on the streets. On facades and walls in places like the Sternschanze, Altona, the Gängeviertel, St. Pauli or Ottensen. No entrance fees, no price tags, rich colours, great motifs. Some come and go,…

Local Food Hamburg: Fischbrötchen Elbphilharmonie
Local Food from Hamburg: A culinary voyage of discovery through the city

How does Hamburg taste? Which specialities are served to the locals on their plates or in their glass - and where is the best place to enjoy them? Curtain up for a bit of food porn from Hamburg!   TEXT &…

Schwan auf der Alster, im Hintergrund Hamburg
11 Things Hardly Anyone Knows About Hamburg’s Alster Swans

Soon it will be that time of the year again: Hamburg's Alster swans will swim from their winter quarters, the Eppendorf Mill Pond, back to the city centre. Swans are the lucky charm of the city. According to a legend,…

Wochenende in Hamburg - Frau Elbvilles Formel
A Weekend In Hamburg: The Elbville Formula For Two Perfect Days!

You want to spend a weekend in Hamburg, but are still looking for the perfect plan? Here's the formula: Shopping, going out, sightseeing - selected tips for a weekender that normally only my friends get if I can't take care…

These 21 places in Hamburg have been immortalized in songs

It's amazing how many songs have been written about Hamburg - even more amazing is the fact that many of these songs are dedicated to specific places in this city. No doubt, St. Pauli and the Reeperbahn are probably the…

Keane, Tocotronic, Édith Piaf: My huge List of Hamburg Songs

There are so many Hamburg tunes! So far I have collected over 60... Listen to my growing Spotify-list of songs dedicated to or involving the city of Hamburg. Traditionally, Hamburg has been associated with a number of sea shanties, added by…

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